AlSaif Celebrates with its customer the fifty years of success and achievement

Celebrated sword Commercial Agencies achievements and customers who solidified rope Tqathm where, where he witnessed yesterday a gala dinner organized by the sword Trading Agencies company, to celebrate along the fifty-year trip to Seef, and other honorary achievements and successes, which carries a lot of meanings and implications, to witness its present new achievements culminated in the confidence of its customers and the confidence of the global commercial agencies that put full confidence sword company as a strategic partner match, what with its prestigious shopping center.

The voice provided Anas Snaidi who made his style outstanding and his voice badge, kicked off the show featured in the presence of a large number of dignitaries, guests and staff, was delivered by the Director-General of the company, Sheikh Suleiman Bin Mohammed Saif, a speech at the ceremony included phrases formulated with love and appreciation for customers and guests and employees of the company, across from during which the extent of their pride in their dedication and loyalty, noting that the company will seek for the good and in the interest of all, praising the word customer representative Khalid Asunaidr said: it has a great effect of the contents of the gloss Semitic, and added: «The real success is in cooperation with prestigious companies».

The interaction of the audience with the word marketing advisor Mohammed Htahot, to complete the beauty of the beauty of his interaction media star O.hisham Howaish sword ceremony theater company.

And on the throne of digital achievements reached by the sword company through their digital content marketing and other social meaningful communication platforms, the application was launched and the company’s website to be a digital platform for the whole world.

The company was so honored its employees with car incentive for them distinct, thus confirming that they are one of the pillars of its success and leadership.

السيف» تحتفي مع عملائها بخمسين عامًا من النجاح والإنجازات

احتفلت شركة السيف للتوكيلات التجارية بإنجازاتها وعملائها الذين وطّدوا حبل ثقاتهم فيها، حيث شهدت بالأمس حفل عشاء نظمته شركة السيف للتوكيلات التجارية، وذلك احتفالاً بامتداد رحلة الخمسين عامًا لشركة السيف، وأخرى فخرية بالإنجازات والنجاحات التي تحمل في طياتها الكثير من المعاني والمدلولات، ليشهد لها الحاضر من جديد بإنجازات تُوّجت بثقة عملائها وثقة التوكيلات التجارية العالمية التي وضعت كامل ثقتها بشركة السيف كشريك استراتيجي نظير، ما تتمتع به من مركز تجاري مرموق.

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